Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guess who's back?

Here I am 3 and a half months later writing another post. I gotta keep it fresh so you guys don't get tired of me. Actually it's because I forgot I had a blog, and just remembered when I facebook stalked myself and saw it on my info...guilty on all charges of being pathetic.
Frankly, not too much has happened since that post. Actually now that I think about it, a lot has happened. I went to Vegas for my 21st birthday with my family (including Gran Gran). Me and Gran were set on taking the casinos down with our slot skill, especially after we read 3 hand-bound pamphlets from the 70's on the way over. Double Gran and I hit the slots and won big. By big I mean around $5 more than I brought to gamble. You could say I pushed the casinos out of business. I wish I could say double G did that well. She came out in the hole, she reasoned that if she planned to spend the money anyway that she didn't actually lose it. A couple tips for Vegas travelers:
1. Gamble off the strip - Casinos on the strip get the most action and pay out the least. Off the strip casinos have locals that frequent their casinos making it more likely to get a pay out
2. If you gamble slots- Gamble 1 payline 3 reel slots and double ups if you can find them. Read this in that retro pamphlet, but it still proved to be true. I won $134 off one machine playing one credit. Another reason to play max credits (3 max) on each machine. Also play the spin to wins if you are feeling froggy. I won a fair amount off of those machines.
3. Go see a show...or two- We went to see The Beatles Love Show by Cirque Du Soleil, which if you can get past the slight creepiness of these crazy costumes is a fantastic show. Also my brother splurged and bought us tickets to go see Daniel Tosh's stand up at Mandalay Bay. It was totally worth him spending money on.
4. Be touristy- This is your time to do tourist trap activities and enjoy it! Gran and I visited Madame Tussauds and thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures until my memory cards were full.
5. If you gamble blackjack- do the $5-$1o buy ins with no funky double ups. They will destroy you and if looks like winning is in your're wrong. The house always has the advantage and that's why it's gambling.
6. Don't go with your parents- Sorry Mom and Dad I love you and this was fun...but just a good idea if you don't want to endure many comments about how Vegas is the armpit of society.

Hope those tips help you if you are going there in the future and also Hash House a Go Go is a great place to eat, it's in the Imperial Palace.
Okay so back to my summer, I went to Disneyworld with my dad on his IBM work conference (SCORE). Also we had a brief, visit to Harry Potter world, which because IBM makes bank was closed down to the public. You HP fans may think, "That sounds incredible!" and as it was pretty cool, they closed off the rest of IOA and only let us frolic in HP world for 2 hours. Although the free butterbeer was nice, the ambiance was killed by the club music playing in half the park. Fergie and HP just don't mix when you are nerding it up. Also for things that don't mix neither do two cups of butterbeer and motion sickness. What really made the experience was being "chosen" in the Ollivander's wand experience, which is normally reserved for small children or obnoxious large ones. I was disappointed to know that even though the wand "chose" me, I still had to purchase it at the giftshop if I wished.
When I got back I got the privilege of working at a CRNP office. It was wonderful. I learned so much that I know has driven me closer to my goal of becoming a nurse. I also worked my last week at Chick-fil-A with all of my wonderful co-workers. Then the summer took a turn for the worse and in July I had my jaw surgery. The first week is definitely the worse. Puking blood and nosebleeds are frequent. Then comes the liquid diet for 6 weeks (7 in my case) and pain meds galore. I am happy to say that I am on the downhill of recovery now, and now that I can chew all I have to complain about is the numbness and tingling in my chin and lower lip. About three weeks after my recovery my mom and I visited our family in PCB and Milton, FL. What was exciting about that trip was that even though my family is from FL, I haven't seen the beach in years. I was happy to remedy that with my mom and I frequenting the beach daily and I found out that with repeated exposure to the sun I do tan...that is after painful burning and peeling.
Geez this is a long blog post, but to finish it off and catch you up. I am the day before sorority recruitment bid day. Bittersweet, for sure. It will be my last bid day as an active member and will be a replay of running to my sorority the first time because I am a recruitment counselor (Gamma Chi). I can genuinely say however, that I was blessed with a fantastic group. I am so excited to see their faces tomorrow when they find out their new homes. Also I am in my second week of nursing school and have already had 2 tests, 2 quizzes, 1 discussion post, and one test coming up on Tuesday. Needless to say it is going to be a busy semester, but I do plan on updating this more often. Yeah, I know I said this last time, but I really mean it this time. Anyways hope you guys have a fantastic week.

Journey with Jesus,


The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him. - Nahum 1:7