Saturday, May 14, 2011

Docu Time

Documentaries! Oh how I love them. If I could get frequent flyer miles for every documentary I had watched I would be in the Maldives right now writing this post from an internet cafe... too far? I can remember the first documentary I watched; it was called Grizzly Man. Do yourself a favor and do not watch that as your first documentary. It is a fantastic film; however, it is a little grim. Save it for a second or third pick, because I am surprised I am still watching documentaries after that selection. It was definitely more than just a documentary about living in the wild, that guy had some issues. When you watch it you will see what I mean... In the nursing world he has what we like to call bipolar disorder, but it is still a great one to see.
I could do a miniature movie review on each of these. I did that for one of my teachers in Auburn through email. I thought I was doing her a huge favor letting her know an overview of the movie with appropriate commentary for multiple movies I had seen in previous months. I went Rotten Tomatoes all over those movies. Turns out she was just making conversation when she asked what movies I had seen recently. I will save you guys the trouble and hope that you trust in my star system.
5 Stars pretty much means I would highly recommend this movie, it also means that you do NOT need to google this previously trying to figure out what is about. This is fairly specific to the movie Catfish (picture above). This movie is my favorite documentary of all time and do yourself a favor and do not look up anything previous to watching it or watch the trailer. You will see what I mean after you watch it. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything because now it is the forbidden and everyone will do it just because I said not to. Just have a a little faith. 4 Stars means that I liked it a lot when I watched it, but I might have forgotten watching it until just now. It is worth watching, but may not stick with you. Recommended by Others is fairly self explanatory. Keep in mind I have not watched these movies so if they belong in the Don't Waste Your Time category, I didn't know. Last and least category is Don't Waste Your Time. These movies were disappointing and I am happy to know there are only two movies that I can remember in this one. I probably am blocking the memory of the others.
5 Star

· Catfish

· Exit Through the Gift Shop

· Freakonomics

· The Business of Being Born

· The Pixar Story

· State of Mind

· National Geographic: Inside North Korea

· Grizzly Man

· The Blue Planet Series

· Planet Earth Series

· The President’s Photographer

· 9/11 Loose Change

· The Cartel

4 Star

· The Lottery

· Nursery University

· Paper Clips

· Fantastic Flesh

· Disney’s Oceans

· Super Size Me

· Art and Copy

· Dogs Decoded

· Ballerinas

· ENRON: The Smartest Guys in the Room

· Picture Me

· Van Gogh: Brush with Genius

Recommended by others

· The Art of the Steal

· They Came to Play

· The One Percent

· Food Inc.

· Wonderful Whites of West Virginia

· Restrepo

· King of Kong

· God Grew Tired of Us

· Bigger, Faster, Stronger

· The Cove

Don’t waste your time

· The Parking Lot

· March of the Penguins (It might be too late)

Anyways I hope you guys get to watch some of these and I hope you love them!! Also something fun my friend Leo sent me the other day. Puppies make me so happy and I love these precious little rascals. New posts will be much more regular now because I am out of school for the summer!

Journey with Jesus,


"for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness" James 1:3

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