Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Well, there's a first for everything...

Hey guys,
Let me first let every chemist, alchemist, or owl chemist down by telling you that this has nothing to do with chemistry, making gold, or studying the chemistry of owls. Sorry to disappoint; however, this is a blog where I plan on sharing interesting things I have found on the web and tell a few stories along the way. Not interesting? I know, but I have to have some creative outlet after cross-stitching fell through (Sorry mom, I will finish the apron for you at some point). I will space this bad boy out so it is not so intimidating to read.
The name of this blog basically came from my love of owls. I can't pinpoint the exact age I began loving this flighted creature, but I can sure as heck tell you it was not because of Harry Potter; although I do love Harry Potter. It started after my penguin phase when I realized my ultimate goal of becoming a penguin trainer at Sea World was not so likely. Owls seem to define parts of my personality and appearance. I can be fairly nocturnal, pray for wisdom, am somewhat scholarly (this only applies to the Winnie the Pooh Mr. Owl), and have large eyes. Unfortunately I do not swallow my prey, wrap them up in hair, and vomit them up for first graders to dissect. My very biased view of owls is quite naive really. I refuse to believe they fly away with puppies in their large talons.
Basics about me: Lover/Follower of Christ, 20 years old, nursing student, one brother, both parents. The rest you will find out if I can keep my attention enough to write more blog posts.
Precursor to all the things I will post on here to share with you guys. I use the website more than just frequently and feel like I find the neatest things ever on the web. I have a hard time keeping them to myself so here is what I have for today . Quite honestly the most breathtaking depiction I have ever seen of God's creation. It really puts things into perspective when you see this incredible masterpiece the Lord Himself made.
Perspective is a word I was familiarized with after a mission trip I had taken over Spring Break. It became the "buzz word" on the trip because it was a constant reminder that our sin nature is to be self centered. Changing your perspective to a selfless one completely redefines your daily walk and causes you to become intentional with your actions, consider the long term effects on the Kingdom, and is extremely spiritually rewarding. I love this quote and I learned it from a women's Bible study from a book called "Let Me Be a Woman" by Elisabeth Elliot "Being selfless is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less" I encourage you to consider that as you walk daily with Christ.
Journey with Jesus,

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen - 2 Corinthians 13:14

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